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The Pooletonians Debate Platform A place where people can share all kinds of information

Pooletonians has been created to give the people of Poole a place where they can share information about Poole to others. Be that information about a local group, society, club, etc or about the history of Poole over the centuries. A place where local businesses can promote themselves and a place where we can all keep each other updated with the latest news on what is happening Poole. 

Information published by the people for the people and we hope by creating this new social media platform for Poole it will help to keep us all better informed and most importantly keep Poole’s unique identity and history alive. 

It is free to use and you can register by clicking the button below but we do ask people to use their real names when registering and obvious anonymous accounts will be removed. We feel this will provide a far more pleasant and personal experience for users and to be fair if you were going to book tickets to a conference in Poole you would not do so under an anonymous name. We have also seen on other social media sites how anonymous accounts have a tendency to interact in ways they would not do so in public. May we also point out that it is not a place to air your personal grievances with others, try to remember the reason this has been created is to share information about Poole and hopefully build a community hub that is useful for everyone. There is always Facebook for family feuds etc. 

This will only ever be successful if people get actively involved and it is self-funded with a very low budget so your help in spreading the word would be greatly appreciated. We also need volunteers who can help with day to day running of the community hub and if you are interested simply message support after you have registered and logged in. 

We sincerely hope you like what has been created and there is always help at hand for anyone who is struggling to navigate the various ‘Spaces’ on the hub. So click the button below and register with your email address. An application form will be sent to you but should anyone not receive on then please email admin@pooletonians.co.uk

We have already had some registrations where people have made an error when entering their email address and that means you will not receive the automated response, so please check carefully when entering your information.

If any club, Societies, etc would like someone to come along to demonstrate how Pooletonians actually works then after logging in either contact support or message ‘The Pooletonian’ direct and we will arrange something. 

Click the Register button below… and enjoy.